Hilbert College strives to be faithful to the deep and diverse historical foundations on which it rests. From the founding congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph, we embrace the traditions of St. Francis: respect, service, hope, vision, joy, integrity, compassion, and peace. From the noble legacies of the liberal arts academy, we honor intellectual inquiry, freedom of thought, breadth of knowledge, and lifelong learning. And from our own history, we continue to reach out to students from all backgrounds. We are committed to providing them skills and resources to achieve success in a wide range of careers, recognizing that in today’s world, that entails equipping students to respond to a rapidly changing global environment









Why Get Skills-Based Training at Hilbert?

Hilbert College delivers a unique skills-based training that provides the following benefits to the students:

  • Outcome Driven Build role specific competencies and self-confidence
  • Practitioner Designed Focus on knowledge and skills that really matter on the job
  • Mentor Led Learn in an apprenticeship like environment with personalized coaching
  • Sprint Based Methodology Each program is composed of multiple learning sprints. Each sprint consists of context-setting and concept-building, practice challenges, mastery challenges and refactoring
  • Professional Portfolio Assignments and project work will help create a portfolio to showcase
  • Accelerate Experience Learn in a setup that mirrors a real work environment
  • Job-Readiness Develop technical skills along with critical engineering and professional skills
  • Career Services Dive into learning new skills as well as preparing for the job search after the program, and we are here every step of the way

Bootcamp Highlights

Integrated Problem Solving

Practice tough, real-world problem-solving exercises for deep skilling

Mastery Learning

Achieve mastery with our individualized and group-based learning pedagogy

Outcome Oriented

Become Day One Project Ready

Why Hilbert College?

What makes us different is our size and style. With about 800 students, we're the right-sized environment for anyone looking to advance his or her career.

The feel at Hilbert is warm, friendly, and supportive. We want you to discover your unique interests and talents. Our caring faculty, staff and coaches will give you the individual attention you need to develop your talents and skills at your own pace.

Located 10 minutes from the bustle and nightlife of Buffalo, Hilbert's campus has new, apartment-style student residences, and modern academic, administrative and athletic facilities.